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smoothie bowl

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WILD BLUEBERRY SMOOTHIE BOWL A smoothie bowl is an extra-thick smoothie that's served in a bowl instead of a glass, often with chopped fruits, nuts or granola as a topping. By combining greens, fruits, and proteins, you can create a balanced smoothie bowl to enjoy for breakfast, lunch, or as a refreshing post-workout meal. Here's [...]

By |2018-07-24T01:39:38+00:00July 24th, 2018|Added sugar, Breakfast Meal, Recipes, Side Dish, Smoothie, Snacks, vegan, Workout|Comments Off on WILD BLUEBERRY SMOOTHIE BOWL

Raspberry Peach Mango Smoothie Bowl

Raspberry Peach Mango Smoothie Bowl  You can make this vegan by using coconut milk and coconut yogurt. Use whatever fruit, nuts and seeds you like best to make it your own. Be sure to use frozen fruit in Step 1 to yield a creamy, frosty base for the toppings.   This takes breakfast yogurt to [...]

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