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8 Fun Facts About Pineapples

//8 Fun Facts About Pineapples

8 Fun Facts About Pineapples



Did you know this about Pineapples?

  1. Pineapples regenerate! You can plant pineapple leaves to grow a new plant.

  2. Pineapples contain the bromelain enzyme which can break down proteins, so you can use them to tenderize meat.

  3. Hawaii produces about 1/3 of all pineapples in the world.

  4. Pineapples are a cluster of hundreds of fruitlets.

  5. Pineapples take about 18-20 months to become ready to harvest.

  6. Pineapples are native to South America before Christopher Columbus discovered them in 1493.

  7. Pineapple is the only edible fruit of its kind, the Bromeliads.

  8. One pineapple plant can produce one pineapple at a time.

  9. Pineapples ripen faster upside down.


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